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ESTIMATED TIME: Cycling 1.5 – 2 hours | Walking 3.5 hours – allow longer if you want to enjoy the scenery

Note: we have described the Great Lake Trail here as if it is being ridden in a west – east direction. It can, however, be ridden in the opposite direction.

This section is accessible from the Western Bays Rd, SH32. There is amazing riding found here, rocks have been blasted, and many big bridges built to access waterfalls and the more untouched shores of the beautiful Lake Taupo! All for your riding pleasure!

Trail: From the Waihaha River Carpark, you will follow the trail down the river to a swing bridge. After you’ve crossed the river you will start climbing gently up onto the cliffs above, following the course of the river to the sign that marks the start of the Waihora trail junction. This t