Come and fish beautiful Lake Taupo out of purpose-built fishing kayaks Fish for Rainbow Trout, and the odd trophy Brown, while enjoying the serenity that only kayaking provides.

So many ways to catch a fish…

Have a go at Jigging, where you locate a deep ledge or drop off (reef feature) using both GPS and a fish finder, then drop three assorted flies or lures to the depth of the feature or fish sign on the sounder.

This method is used if the fish are sitting too deep for harling or spin/fly fishing, as they often are in summer as the surface temperature gets uncomfortable for the cold preferring trout.

This surface warming (thermocline) is great for getting out and having a swim though, and also makes the trout easy to target because in the heat of the day you know most of them are down deep in the much cooler water.

Or try Harling, where you tow a lure and/or a trolling fly around, following a certain depth change or reef location from shallow to deep. This is a great thing to do when moving from one jigging location to the next, or when there is a shallow reef feature dropping into deep water, as the bait fish will school in these reefs, and the trout hunt them from below. Harling is best early in the season before the thermocline forms. It can also produce great results in the mornings and evenings or in colder, overcast conditions.

We also have a lead-line trolling set up that can fish down to 50 feet or more. This is great for those long paddles when the fish are sitting deep. And the catch rate is pretty high!

There’s Spin fishing from the land. And you can also get out of the kayaks and cast heavy lures off the steep drop offs and ledges at certain locations. This method often attracts the big fish, and a great opportunity to get out of the kayak, have a walk around and a picnic. There are also some fly fishing opportunities at certain remote river mouths.

No experience is necessary, as all our trips are guided and full instruction is given. Our sit-on-top kayaks are safe and easy for everyone to use.

We’ll do our best to help you get a good catch, fishing is a sport…so the strike rate and amount of fish landed can vary day-to-day, and angler-to-angler.

But the good numbers, and at times quite veracious feeding habits of the Taupo Rainbow Trout, four hours around here with a good guide rarely goes unrewarded.

Why not give all of these fishing methods a try, by booking on one of trips listed below.

Half Day – Kayak Fishing Tour

TIME: 4.5 hours per trip (3-4 hours on the water)

Jig fishing and