Kaitiakitanga – A sense of guardianship and protection for our land

A kaitiaki is a guardian. This can be a person or group that cares for an area such as a lake or forest. Kaitiakitanga means guardianship and protection, a deep kinship between humans and the natural world.

It is a way of managing the environment, based on the Māori world view. It does not focus on ownership, but on authority and responsibility. Kaitiakitanga is concerned with both sustainability of the environment and the utilisation of its benefits.

There is growing interest in kaitiakitanga today. Many tribes are restoring their local environment and culture, using traditional ideas in the modern world.

We at Taupo Kayaking Adventures strongly believe that every one of us, residents and tourists alike, can be kaitiaki of our land. It is the way we treasure, protect and conserve our environment, regardless if we are living here permanently or just passing through. Each one of us has a responsibility to ensure our environment and resources are protected for the generations to come.

You will be able to get a sense of kaitiakitanga through our guides, in the way they talk about the cultural history of the area, sustainable fishing practices and the health of our Great Lake. We are proud of our beautiful surroundings and would like to keep it that way for many decades to come.

Manaakitanga – Giving our customers a true sense of New Zealand hospitality

Manaakitanga is a Maori word that loosely translates to ‘hospitality’ – it is central to Maori society and inspires the way that travellers are made to feel welcome when visiting New Zealand. At its heart, the term refers to the need for reciprocal hospitality and respect between different people, groups and cultures.

Manaakitanga can be broken down into three parts: mana-ā-ki which loosely translates as ‘the power of the word’ and reminds hosts to be expressive and fluent in welcoming visitors.

Another explanation has the words mana (prestige) and ki te tangata (to the people) – pointing out the importance of enhancing the mana which covers the integrity, prestige and power of guests.

Whether it’s the nation of hosting thousands of international visitors from around the world for a major sports event or an individual on their self-drive holiday, it is the spirit of manaakitanga that makes a New Zealand holiday unique.

We at Taupo Kayaking Adventures consider the values of mannakitanga to be hugely important. We take pride in hosting our customers with the utmost care and respect, making them feel special and taken cared of each time they come out on a trip with us. All our guests are made to feel welcomed and comfortable, no matter who they are or where they come from.