This is our full monty Western Bays expedition, a good level of fitness is recommended for this trip to enjoy paddling for multiple days in a row but you do not need an experienced or super fit paddler. This is the best way to see the Great Lake Taupo most people miss, we leave from the village of Kinloch and don’t see road access to the Lakes edge again until we pass Te Hapa Bay only 4kms from our trip end point of Kuratau.

Along the way we pass the Taupo rocking climbing meccas of Kawakawa Bay and Whanganui Bay; remote boated access only holiday settlements and Marae’s. We visit the Tieke falls via a 3km paddle up the Waihaha stream and pass the legendry Karangahape cliffs. You will see signs of the cataclysmic origins that shaped Lake Taupo.

We have a wide range of camp sites available to us from DOC serviced with toilets at Kawakawa bay, Waihora Bay and Te Hapua; to the beautiful nat