On our Western Bays Scenic Escapade trip, we will depart from Kinloch Marina by boat across the pristine waters of Lake Taupo to the remote shores of the Western Bays.    

Our first stop would be the majestic Otupoto Waterfall, a unique spot where the water cascades off the cliff straight into the lake. A spectacular sight indeed. 

Then it is on to Honeymoon Bay which is also the end of the Great Lake Trail’s Waihora section. We will stretch our legs by going on a very short walk to view Kotukutuku Waterfalls. From the viewing platform, look up and see if you can spot bikers coming down the trail from the top bridge! 

It is now time to gear up and launch our kayaks for our paddle across the bays to the pretty lakeside village of Kinloch. There is a waterfall at Tutaewaroa Stream where we can paddle right up to. If we’re lucky, we might be able to spot some trout.  

There is nothing but spectacular natural scenery as we kayak by the coastline towards Kawakawa Bay. There, the long, sweeping sandy beach, which is quite different from the rest of the Western Bays, beckon for a lunch stop.  

Jump into the crystal-clear waters or if the weather is too cold, simply have a drink – this is one of the only freshwater lakes left that you can still drink from! Otherwise, sunbathe on the shore, listening to the soothing sounds of native birds, while taking in the magnificent sight of the Tongariro National Pa