Are you looking for a summertime adventure that will keep you entertained for hours and make for a terrific story? You’re in luck since it’s officially SUP season! But hang on… what on earth is SUP, you may ask?

Stand-up paddle boarding

Stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) is a rapidly growing sport and recreational activity that allows one to quite literally walk on water. Paddleboarders use a paddle to move through the water while standing on boards or kayaks that float on the surface of the water. This recreational activity is the most peaceful way to experience nature and offers the ideal total-body and core exercise. The best part is that you won’t even realise you’re working out.

Hiring a paddle board for the first time? Follow these five tips to ensure your first time out on the water is enjoyable. 

Hiring gear 

Getting out onto the water is easy when you hire Taupo Kayak Adventures. Our base is right at the lake edge in Acacia Bay so you will have direct and easy access to the water. No transporting issues, and you can hire all the gear you need directly with us!  Hire includes; a paddleboard, paddle, and buoyancy aid. Hire all the gear required for only $20 per person, for one hour. These prices are only available if you book through us directly, so be sure to give us a call.

An early morning paddleboard

Getting on the water early in the morning is beneficial as there is typically very little boat traffic and wind, making conditions perfect for beginners who are out on the water for the first time. Depending on the time of the morning, you’ll be able to hear the birds waking up and the gentle lapping of water against the shore, which is absolute bliss.

Things to pack

Men: Boardshorts, Boardshorts with a rash guard or tee shirt, sun hat, sunglasses, sunblock, and a Light flannel or sweatshirt (depending on the weather conditions). 

Women: A bathing suit (bikini or one piece), Waterproof performance shorts with a rash guard, sun hat, sunglasses, sunblock, and Light flannel or sweatshirt (depending on the weather conditions). 

Look at the horizon

The initial instinct while learning to paddle is to stare down at the board, see the water lapping at the sides, and hope you won’t fall in. However to keep stability, keep your head up, your back straight, and your body weight over your toes for optimum balance. 

Relax and have fun 

Relax and remember to have fun! Relax your body, keep your legs and knees flexible to “ride” the water movement, and enjoy!