Environmental & Social Responsibility

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Taupo Kayaking Adventures is committed to protecting the environment that we operate in for future generations to enjoy. We have put in place sustainable practises so that our day-to-day operations are run with the least environmental impact as possible. Our staff are trained to use natural resources efficiently, minimise their wastage and be mindful and treasure the natural environment they work in.

All our tours are run based on the Department of Conservation (DOC)’s code of conduct on minimising environmental impact while enjoying the great outdoors.

Cleaning with Environmental Solutions

As our main operations are based on fresh water, we are fortunate that we do not need to clean our equipment with strong, nasty chemicals. Our kayaks are wiped down with a sponge after each trip, utilising existing water within the kayak. Large pools of water and grit or sand are vacuumed up using our water vac and a broom is used to brush off extra sand. At the most, we will use half a bucket of water to wipe down our kayaks.

On the rare occasions that we do need to give our kayaks and life vests a good clean, a biodegradable cleaning product detergent diluted into a bucket of water will be used. Cleaning will be done in front of our premises where the excess water is able to run down the storm drains. We make sure none of this water runs into the lake.

Waste Management & Recycling

We go by the policy “what we bring in, we take out” which means no rubbish is to be thrown out from the kayaks and no rubbish are to be left behind from refreshment stops. We use reusable cups and utensils on our breaks and our guides will have a rubbish bag handy.

Our guides will always pick up any rubbish from the lake or trails when they come across it. It’s just what we do. We encourage all our guests to do the same.

All rubbish will be disposed off correctly and all recyclables sorted.

Partners & Suppliers

Quite often, we would partner with other businesses such as boat charters, food suppliers, equipment hire and accommodation providers to ensure our customers have an easy and seamless experience. We make sure that all businesses we partner with adopt the same environmental values and sustainable practices that we believe in.

Social Contributions

Taupo Kayaking Adventures believes very strongly in supporting and giving back to our community. We have been participating in More FM’s Community Day where we encourage members of the community to come on out onto the water. They will get to try out our kayaks, canoes and stand up paddle boards for free.

We have been supporting Greening Taupo in their efforts to increase green spaces in the community and would like to work closer with Bike Taupo to promote biking in the region. We are also always open to helping out the community in terms of prize sponsorship.

Our ultimate goal is to organise free kayak experiences for underprivileged school kids who would otherwise never get to experience going out on the water. We believe that this will be a good way to build confidence and gain invaluable life skills.

Read more about our values of Kaitiakitanga (guardianship) and Manaakitanga (hospitality).